1. Arrive ten minutes prior to your interview looking sharp, and carrying copies of your resume.
  2. Plan to ask 5-7 insightful questions regarding the company, department, interviewer, and positions.
  3. You should do about 30% of the talking and make sure to fully answer the hiring manager’s questions.
  4. Be prepared to discuss your greatest strength and greatest weakness.
  5. Review your resume thoroughly and be ready to explain bullet points and reasons for moves.
  6. Use the opportunity to explain a relevant challenge you have faced and how you overcame it.
  7. Ask the interviewer what he/she is looking for in a qualified candidate to fill this role.
  8. Ask the interviewer if you can address any further questions or concerns about your experience.
  9. Demonstrate your interest in the role and ask about next steps.
  10. Make sure to follow-up with a detailed thank you note highlighting specific points from your conversation.